Paper Machine No. 1 (Unit-1)


Paper Machine No .1 for manufacturing :

  • White Writing Paper (GSM: 42-70)
  • Base Paper (NCR, Sticker, Thermal, Note & Exercise Book)
  • Color Printing Paper (GSM: 42-46)

Paper Machine No. 2 (Unit-1)


Exclusively engaged to manufacture cigarette paper.


Paper Machine No. 3 (Unit-1)


Paper Machine No. 3 for manufacturing:

  • White Printing Paper (GSM: 40-120)
  • Ledger Paper (GSM: 58-78)
  • A4 Base Paper

NCR Machine-1


NCR machine for manufacturing carbonless paper.


NCR Machine-2


NCR machine for manufacturing carbonless paper.


Sticker Paper Machine-1


Sticker paper machine for producing self adhesive paper.


Sticker Paper Machine-2


Sticker paper machine for producing self adhesive paper.


Book Binding Machine-1


Bookbinding machine for producing Note Book (Stitch Type).


Book Binding Machine-2


Bookbinding machine for producing Note Book (Spiral Type).


A4 Paper Machine-1


A4 paper machine for producing A4 paper (Printing & Photocopy Paper)


A4 paper Machine-2


A4 paper machine for producing A4 paper (Printing & Photocopy Paper)


Sack Plant-1


Sack Plant for manufacturing paper bag.


Sack Plant-2


Sack Plant for manufacturing PP woven bag.





On the bank of river Meghna, Bashundhara Paper Mills (Unit-1) is located on the eastern side of Dhaka-Chittagong highway, about 29 KM off from zero point Dhaka.



Meghnaghat, Sonargaon, Narayangonj


Erection Period:

During 1995-1996


Commercial Production:

Soon after the successful commissioning of its three machines, the Mill Management took fervent approach to increase production gradually and to improve quality of its product to international standard. The factory runs round the clock, 7 days a week. The mill has commenced its commercial production in February 1997



Officer: 82, Staff: 93, Worker: 254, Daily Basis Casual Labourer: 115-130



Exceptionally high quality product  (White Writing and Printing papers, Colored Printing papers, different types of colored wrappers, Off-set papers, Newsprint and local Cigarette (Bidi) papers) with dazzling brightness, smoothness, strength-properties and packaging.


Dynamic Up-gradation:

Apart from day to day Mill operation and maintenance, the highly skilled team executed phase wise different up-grading works in different areas of three Paper Machines including utility service on priority basis. As a result, annual production of BPML increased steeply in every year since 2000. Most of renovations were carried out in Paper machine No-1 & 3. Paper machine No-1 was speeded from initial 250m/min to present level of 325m/min and Paper Machine No-3 was speeded up from initial 150m/min to present level of 250m/min.


Recent Expansion Done:


Carbonless Copy Paper Machine:

In the modern civilized world Carbonless Copy Paper is one of the most commonly used items in the day-to-day life. Besides the writing and printing paper, the use of Carbonless Copy Paper is also expanding sharply. To create the demand of this grade of paper in the country, BPML has setup a new coater unit to produce 300 MT/Month carbonless Copy Paper. The project has been completed and a new product in the brand name of Bashundhara Carbonless Paper has been launched and marketed recently. So far, we received positive responses from the market and total demand is increasing day by day.


Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):

It is well recognized that each industrial unit has got its own impacts on the natural environment directly or indirectly. So, before taking up any project, the environmental aspects of the proposed development activities must be taken into consideration and due attention need to be paid to protect the environment. To meet up this aspect, an EMP has already been submitted to the Environment Department for obtaining clearance from DOE.


In pursuance of obtaining Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) from Department of Environment (DOE), Govt. of Bangladesh, the Management Committee of Bashundhara Group has already approved the proposal of ETP installation at BPML. ETP is expected to be commissioned very soon.


Future Up-gradation & Renovation Program:

BPML team is now contemplating to take up a new action plan of up-gradation to be implemented by in-house expertise in future. The work assessments has been done and phased out for implementation without major shut down. The implementation phase will be carried out in such a convenient way so that production would not be hampered much and supply to market would be kept usual. The action plan has already been submitted to the management of BG for active consideration and approval. The detailed program is depicted in Annexure-A.


New Expansion Program:


a)PP Woven & Sack Paper Plant:

Since Bashundhara Group (BG) is one of the largest business conglomerates in Bangladesh, it has already expanded new horizon in food grain, sugar, fertilizer, cement & FMCG items. In order to fulfill the demand of the group and to substitute the imports, the management of BG has decided to set up one PP woven Bag Plant, having 60 millions PP bags per year within the premises of BPML. The project will be completed within October, 2010.


b)Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Boiler:

To meet up the current additional load demand for new CCPM, we need extra 4 MT/Hr steam for smooth running of the plant. Since availability of natural gas (TITAS) is not possible at the moment, we proposed to utilize huge amount of exhaust gas with enough heat content from our existing 7(seven) Gas generators. So, we made a contract with M/S. THERMEX (India) to set up exhaust heat recovery boilers (2 Units), having total capacity of 5 MT/Hr. steam generation on turn-key basis. The project will be completed within November, 2010.


c)New Carbonless Paper Machine:

In view of increased demand of Carbonless Paper in market during recent months, we intend to procure one complete Carbonless Copy Paper Machine for BPML. In this connection, we had made several correspondences with M/s. QINGDAO FOCUS PAPER CO LTD, (GOODWILL GROUP) China through Foreign Purchase Division, BG.  Finally, a contract is under process for finalization and in turn, L/C will be established in their favor for the TURN-KEY project.